Founder Mr. Vira Dejthamrong and Mr.Vivat Dejthamrong.
1965  Establishment of Lithographic Printing Factory.
1967  : Inauguration of Aerosol Can.
1970  : Expansion of General Can for Paint, Motor Oil, Vegetable Oil, etc.
Transformation of company name from
Swan Industries Limited Partnership to
Swan Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  : Expansion of Dried Food Can for Powdered Milk, Instant Coffee.
1989  : Move the factory formerly located at Bangkhen, Bangkok
to Bangplee Industrial Estate, Samutprakarn.
: Expansion Sanitary Can and Tinplate Easy Open End
(Full Aperture).
1994  : Expansion of Aluminium Easy Open End (Stay on Tab) and
3 Pieces Beverage Can.
2000  : Expansion of 2 Pieces Sanitary Can.
2004  : Increase of registered capital from THB 150,000,000 to
THB 400,000,000.
: Newly build new factory for Coil Cutting, Lacquering, Printing.
2005  : Investment on new printing technology (6 colors printing).
2007  : Increasing capacity of 2 Pieces Sanitary Can.
2008  : Increase of registered capital from THB 400,000,000 to
THB 800,000,000.
Joint venture with TOYO SEIKAN KAISHA, LTD., JAPAN for producing 2 Pieces Beverage Can.
Co-operate with REXAM CONTAINERS, U.S.A. (REXAM GROUP is the 2nd largest packaging company
in the world.) for developing High Oxygen Barrier Plastic Containers.

Corporate Policy
   :  To work closely with customers as business partner.
To develop & manufacture the best quality products to meet customer's needs.
To maintain long-term growth by means of vertical and horizontal expansion and diversification.

Business Profile

Registered Capital : THB 800,000,000 (by USD 25,000,000)
Type of Business : Metal Packaging (Can maker)
High Oxygen Barrier Plastic Containers
Plant of Operation : 5 plants
Number of Employee : 1,600 persons
Capacity (Tinplate) : 80,000 tons/year

Accreditation :
  • GMP
  • ISO: 9001
  • ISO: 22000

  • Product

    Metal Packaging
    • Easy Open Ends (Full Aperture)
    • Easy Open Ends (Stay on Tab)
    • Beverage Cans
    • 2 Pieces Food Cans
    • 3 Pieces Food Cans
    • Powdered Milk / Dried Food Cans
    • Aerosol Cans
    • General Line Cans
    • Printing & Lacquering Services

    High Oxygen Barrier Plastic Containers
    • Plastic Cups/Bowls
    • Plastic Trays