Easy Open Ends (Full Aperture)

Swan has extensive experiences in manufacturing Full Aperture Ends (FAE*) and Stay On Tab (SOT) for over 20 years. Our Easy Opened Ends are widely-accepted by The world-class manufacturers from USA, Europe, Japan and Australia for Seafood Packing (Tuna, Sardine, Shrimp, Crab, Baby Calm and etc.) and also Fruits & Vegetables (Pineapple, Corn Kernel, Fruit Cocktail, Tropical Fruit and etc.)

We are the largest manufacturer of high quality FAE* in Southeast Asia. We are providing a wide range of Easy Opened Ends with different materials such as tinplate, tin free steel, aluminium, and PET* laminated sheet. We are also able to supply Safety Edge Easy Opened Ends.

  • Easy Open Ends - PET* Laminated Aluminium
  • Easy Open Ends - Aluminium
  • Easy Open Ends - Tinplate
  • Easy Open Ends - Tin Free Steel

Imperial Reference
Metric Reference
202 52
209 63
211 65
300 73
307 83
401 99

Remark : *FAE : Full Aperture Easy Open End
*PET : Poly Ethylene Terepthalate