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,d suggest NF GM in ebene! It'll be less "flashy" and also very worry free!!! I have the keepall ebene and sac plat ebene and I never worry about setting them down or rain or any of that. With my Graffiti NF (Mono NF with graffiti writing) I have vachetta trim and I am always worried about ruining it !!! Also bc its LE Im more worried...a normal Mono NF could always be replaced in a few years louis vuitton,
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,i got the 30 :) using it as my daily purse now --- can't wait for that nice honey patina :) louis vuitton purse,congrats on your globe!!! wherever your DH got it from it's splendid & I wish you both a fantastic Hearts Day :) louis vuitton replica,

thank god it went out, or i cant imagine what couldve been done. yell? strangle?!... louis vuitton bags