” We will be accepted by our partners as a reliable business partner with high quality and service. We are ready to create for long-term growth and commitment with a wide range of products and innovations. “


” Our Mission is to continue improving the operation process performance to increase employee potential, product quality and service excellence. ” 

Core Values

  • Customer focus
  • Encourage innovation to improve processes and products.
  • Encourage personnel development
  • Highly values team players and collaboration with partnership.
  • Desire and commit to success.

About US

Swan Industries (Thailand) Limited

Swan Industries (Thailand) Limited is one of the biggest & reliable can manufacturer in Thailand who never stop improving & developing our technology in order to meet many international standard requirements from worldwide.

Nowadays, Swan’s products cover whole range of metal cans i.e. Seafood Cans, Fruits & Vegetables Cans, Beverage Cans, Powdered Milk Cans, Aerosol Cans, General Cans including EOE/SOT ends.

Our Products

EOE (Full Aperture)
EOE (Stay On Tab)
Beverage Cans
2 Pieces Food Cans
3 Pieces Food Cans
Powdered Milk & Dried Food Cans
Aerosol Cans
General Line Cans
Printing & Lacquering Services



Our Sales and Marketing Policy stress on forming a partnership with out customers including
Offering our customers a “total System sales and Marketing Concept” to assist them as follows

Technician Support

Our customer service and experienced engineering team are ready to assist customers in solving their technical problems.


We can provide training either at our facility (In-House Training) or at customer’s site where our staff members are dispatched to their production line as external specialist or trainer.

Research & Development​

Our Sales and Marketing team is ready to develop and provide services to meet customer’s needs.

Marketing Service

appreciated to cooperate in all types of marketing services and consultancy.


ISO & qualitY System

We are committed to manufacturing quality packaging with safety. To be accepted at the World class with the principles of quality management that everyone participates in It is important to be aware of sustainability for the economy, society and being Environmentally friendly.”