Energy Policy

To provide an energy management system within the company Swan Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. complies with the Energy Conservation Promotion Act. The company focuses on having guidelines. To use energy resources efficiently and get the most benefit To lead to energy saving goals and cost reductionof the Company by allowing everyone to participate in energy conservation operations by setting an energy conservation policy. Concerning setting goals to manage energy use Promoting knowledge Encourage everyone to participate. Monitoring and evaluating energy management and promoting the use of alternative energy Such as installing a solar cell roof from solar energy, etc.

Environmental Policy

To raise the level of environmental management even further. We are committed to using resources efficiently, protecting and preserving the environment. Maintain biological diversity, ecosystems, and prevent problems that affect the environment, communities, and stakeholders from activities, products, and services in the Company’s business operations. including having social responsibility as appropriate to the objectives and context of the organization The company places importance on separating waste into the correct type because it will help us get rid of garbage in a more correct way. Reduce environmental pollution


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