Creating a well-being environment within the organization It is an important thing that our Swan wants every employee to do. 

Have a good life gain equality To create a feeling of participation Like being a business owner promote and support

 Development to enhance knowledge The ability of employees to expand their knowledge and use it in work to achieve true efficiency As well as taking care of the community with a sense of social responsibility. We believe that taking care of employees along with the community is sustainable organizational development.

Skill Development

Promote the development of personnel potential To raise the level of knowledge and various skills necessary to work both hard skills and soft skills through continuous training from experts from internal departments and external agencies that are accepted

and promote the sending of skilled workers to take exams to support labor standards as well.

Safety and Occupational health

Hygiene care and safety in work There is an annual health examination. and additional examinations specifically for positions with risk factors such as Check hearing, eyesight, etc., including support in personal protective equipment in the work area. and provide knowledge for employees who are at risk of dangers in the area and working conditions. So that employees can gain confidence that those who can perform the job must receive special training before performing the job

Working environment

Support in creating a good working environment So that employees can do it happily Cultivate organizational culture that determines the values, attitudes, and beliefs of people in the organization leads to behavior, therefore organizational culture has an effect greatly to personnel We are committed to pushing the culture in the same direction as our goals and business strategy Through the drive of everyone in the organization We also emphasize the importance of respecting human rights principles in accordance with strong legal standards, such as personal data protection policies, benefits. Various welfare that employees will receive legally

Social responsibility

Support and help nearby communities and do various activities that are useful to improve the well-being of the community Because we believe that creating social responsibility will enable the organization to grow sustainably Meanwhile Another benefit that businesses receive from organizing various CSR activities is team building and employee engagement (Employee Engagement), especially activities that allow employees to participate and go out to do activities together.



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